We all have a responsibility to leave our planet in good health for the next generation. You can get involved in reducing the impact of single use plastics on the marine environment. Let’s get started…

  • Say no to straws and stirrers in restaurants, cafes and pubs – and explain why
  • Carry a refillable water bottle and support the Refill scheme. Download the Refill app and share details of places on the island where you can refill your water bottle.
  • Support businesses that are reducing their reliance on single use plastics.
  • Support  Plastic Aware – we are keen to hear from people who would like to support our work – for example by helping to sign up  businesses to the water Refill scheme.  Do drop us a line!
  • Get involved in a local beach clean. Find out more on the Isle of Wight Beach Cleaning Volunteers Facebook Page (search for @IWBCV). Or just do your own #2minutebeachclean. For more information visit

Are you a business keen to work with Plastic Aware? Have a look at our business section.